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Take Charge of Your Career!

By January 23, 2019Uncategorized

As you move through your career after college, it’s important to plan your career path; don’t leave it to chance! Nicole Norfleet, a writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune creates a list of initiatives that need focus during the various work life age decades to put yourself in charge of your career. Here is a sampling from her list:

* In your 20’s, gain work experience in your field, look for leadership opportunities, connect with good networking groups and find a mentor.

* In your 30’s, take charge of your career by identifying your long-term work goals and continue to look at the job market for a better or higher paying job via your network group.

* In your 40’s and early 50’s, determine if you need more education or certification for advancement and consult with a life coach (a mentor). If you want or need to look for a different job, the best place to look is within the network group.

* In your late 50’s and early 60’s, make a career exit plan, network with other others that have retired and look for self-satisfaction within your career world. Giving back through mentoring is an excellent way to share your career knowledge.

Three initiatives remain consistent throughout all the work life decades. They are leadership, networking, and mentoring. Food & Consumer Science Professionals offers members opportunities in those three areas; take advantage of them! If you aren’t a member or know of someone who should join, it can be done on our website   The original Star Tribune article can be found here


Thank you to Marge Ryerson and Gerry Luepke for providing this article and summary. 

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