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State Fair Food and Drink Review

By September 1, 2017December 19th, 2017Uncategorized

There are a few days left to check out the Minnesota State Fair’s food offerings.  I attended the fair once with my family and once on a date night with my husband.  Below is a quick run-through of what we ate and what we thought!


Brown Ale and Onion-Gouda Tipsy Pie from Sara’s Tipsy Pies (located in the Food Building) A+ Loved this! Super tasty, flaky crust and I basically can’t say no to anything with smoked Gouda cheese

Duck Bacon Wontons from Giggles Campfire Grill A+++ My favorite thing I tried at the fair. Next year I’m not sharing with anyone! Sociable Candy Apple Hard Cider made by Sociable Cider Works. Purchased at Giggles as well. If you like cider that is not too sweet, this is perfect for you! Refreshing and tasty!

Pizzarito from Green Mill B+: My husband had this. He said if he ordered it at a restaurant he’d be disappointed but when it comes to fair food he thought it was pretty good.

What was left of our ice cream when I realized I forgot to take a picture… this is the remnants of the S’More Ice Cream from Izzy’s Ice Cream (Sold at the Hamline Church Dining Hall) Izzy’s never disappoints! We tried to get the Sweet Corn Blueberry Eclair from the Farmers Union Coffee Shop but they were sold out. So Izzy’s it was!

Deep Fried Avocados and Sweet Corn Summer Ale from O’Garas These were pretty blah. The chipotle ranch dipping sauce is what saves these from tasting like nothing. Husband said Sweet Corn Summer Ale was disappointing. He was hoping for more sweet corn flavor.

Caramel Apple Pie beer by The Freehouse served at The Blue Barn. This tastes like it’s name! Cinnamon and apple pie spice flavor really came through! Yummy!

Chocolate Popover from LuLu’s This was super disappointing. I had high hopes for this one but it was way over done and hard to chew. Save your calories for something else.

Smoked Gouda Nachos from a bar in the International Market. This was an impulse purchase because like I said before, I love smoked gouda. These weren’t great. The chips were stale and the cheese wasn’t very warm.

Honey Puffs from Dinos Gyros We tried to get the Bowl of Cookie Dough from the Blue Moon Diner but they were closed. Then we thought we’d try something from the French Meadow Bakery but they were closed too. Lesson learned–if you want dessert get it before 9:30 p.m. We ended up with the honey puffs which are basically fried dough drizzled with honey. Not a “must-have”


I missed the photo of all of us with our State Fair tradition— ice cream from The Dairy Barn before we go home!  I think I missed the photo op because my four year old insisted on getting a chocolate ice cream cone and that is always a dangerous situation!  I ventured from my usual strawberry rhubarb sundae and got the caramel apple instead and it was delicious.  Megan had a strawberry malt and Brian had a raspberry malt.  We all left the fair happy!

And that’s what we ate! Enjoy the last weekend of summer!

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