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Meet Your 2017-18 FCS Professionals Board: Susan Vance

By August 9, 2017December 19th, 2017Uncategorized

During the month of August, we will be introducing the 2017-18 FCS Professionals board members on our blog. 

Hello!  I am Susan Vance, the blogger for FCS Professionals!  As our blogger, I get to introduce myself! My undergraduate degree is in Dietetics from UW-Stout.  My career started in clinical dietetics and weight loss counseling.  Looking for more money and adventure I took a job in medical nutrition sales.  “Corporate America” was great until a company re-organization had me looking for a new job!  I decided to pursue my passion for training and development and enrolled at the University of Minnesota and earned a master’s degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development.   I worked in training and development at a medical device company up until my daughter was born.  Since then I have devoted most of my time to caring for my kids and I teach cooking classes through Community Education as time permits.  And of course, I blog for FCS Professionals!

My goal this year as the blogger is to utilize social media to garner some buzz for our organization!  I want more likes, more comments, more shares, and ultimately more local professionals to join this amazing org!  I would love your help in achieving this goal.  The more you interact with FCS Professionals postings, the more people find out about us.

Why did I join FCS Professionals?  Almost thirteen years ago I found myself jobless after the previously mentioned company re-org.  I found FCS Professionals (TC HEIB back then) to be welcoming and so inspiring.  I have stayed this long because of the interesting programs and the fascinating members.  It allows me to still have a “foot in the door” in the industry while I am taking a bit of a career break to hang out with my kids.

Speaking of my kids, as a little personal side note I am a wife and mom to two kids ages four and eight.  I live in the east metro and spend a good chunk of time shuttling my kids to and from activities and volunteering at church and school.  I love to mess with other people’s recipes to make them more simple to prepare and if I have any spare time you will find me baking something delicious and making someone’s day by sharing it with them.




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