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Meet the 2017-18 FCS Professionals Board: Gerry Luepke

By September 12, 2017December 19th, 2017Uncategorized

Introducing Gerry Luepke, 2017-18 President of FCS Professionals!  Anyone who knows Gerry, knows that she puts one hundred percent effort into everything she does.  That is reflective in her goals for this year as President!

1). Work cooperatively with the board to keep FCS Professionals alive, vibrant, and well.

2). Remember member needs and why we are Food Consumer Science Professionals.  Members drive our actions and decisions!

3). To be the very best organization for Food and Consumer Science Professionals!

4). Maintain current members while attracting new members.

Gerry’s career began as a Home Economics teacher.  Her career turned a different corner when she responded to an ad for a home economist for Economics Laboratory.  Through acquisitions and mergers she worked for Ecolab, Bencksier, and Recitt Benckiser.  She enjoyed roles putting together strategic partnerships and being a member of the new products team.  She later set up a Consumer Affairs Department for the White Rain Company. Gerry says, “I absolutely prized my job!  It was pleasurable doing my part to make good things happen and rewarding to be part of a team developing safe and effective consumer products resulting in healthier homes and lifestyles!”

Gerry joined FCS Professionals (then TC HEIB) because it was mandatory.  She says, “To do my job I needed to be knowledgeable of all disciplines of Family and Consumer Sciences–topics of everyday life like housing and interior design, food science, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, personal and family finance, and consumer issues and human development.”  Along with knowing the disciplines, she needed to know professionals in each of these areas.  This organization provided her with resources to complete assigned tasks.

Why has Gerry remained a member all of these years?  She says, “The organization has been very rewarding and extremely good to me.  I appreciate the friendships and knowledge of members.  At each and every FCS Professionals meeting I learn something new, am motivated and inspired, see beautiful/fun spaces, meet new folks, enjoy delectable food & the camaraderie is top notch!”

She continues, “There is nothing better than a FCS Professionals membership! You may not even know that you like something, but it’s important to me to be proactive on my learning and exploration journey.  Being an active FCS Professionals member helps to fulfill my continuous learning and exploration needs.   I’ve been exposed to learnings that I would not have discovered on my own. What I’ve gained makes me willing to stay involved, give back and eagerly await our 100th birthday celebration occurring in 2026!”

On a personal note, Gerry is widowed.  She shares her Stillwater condo with her Ocicats named Miss Lucy (chocolate) and Uptown Violett (lavender).  She enjoys country rides, exploring and learning all about Stillwater, being an active member of Hudson Home & Garden Club, designing and planning memorable tablescapes, and for the 2017-18 year is dedicated to FCS Professionals!

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