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Meet the 2017-18 FCS Professionals Board: Amy Lawson

By August 27, 2017December 19th, 2017Uncategorized

During the month of August we are featuring each member of the FCS Professionals Board


Introducing Amy Lawson, Secretary!  Amy has worked in the food industry for the past twenty years in restaurants, catering, recipe/flavor development and in R&D.  She has a BS in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from UW-Stout.  She has been at General Mills since 2006 and has held positions in product performance, research and development, and in culinary as a corporate chef.  She currently is a design accelerator for One Global Baking.

As secretary Amy intends to take notes, real-time, on her laptop to ensure the most timely share-out possible.  She also serves on the programming, fundraising, and nominations committees.  She hopes to continue to represent the potential needs of those in corporate R&D in the food industry.  She also has set a personal goal of recruiting five new members by next June!

Amy joined the organization in 2006.  It was the first professional organization she joined after graduating from college and becoming an employee at General Mills.  Her intent was to find mentorship in the food industry and also to learn from the wealth of interesting programming that we had to offer.  Of all the organizations she has joined over the years, FCS Professionals is the one group she has stayed with since the beginning of her career.  She remains part of FCS Professionals because, “I love the peer-support and progressive, innovative energy that I get from many of our members!  FCS Professionals is very unique and I’m proud to be part of its growth and evolution.”

On a personal note, Amy lives in Maple Grove with her husband Christopher, a graphic designer and owner of Varsity Trading Cards , and their two cats, Abraham and Fidgit.  She loves to read, go on long walks and runs, and voluntarily spends about half of her time in the kitchen cooking! She also has a strong interest in microwave science and previously sat on the Board of Governor’s for the International Microwave Power Institute for four years as both Executive Secretary and Education Coordinator.






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