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Job Opportunity: BLIND Inc.

By December 22, 2017Uncategorized

BLIND, Inc. is looking to hire a:  HOME MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTOR

Job Description

After 11 years our Home Management Instructor is retiring. You could be the next one! Our employees receive a good benefits package, including staff and student holiday leave, paid leave, excellent medical benefits, an employer contributed 403B retirement program, and paid attendance (including transportation, lodging and stipend) at National Federation of the Blind, state and/or national conventions. You will enjoy working as part of a great team, with the opportunity to develop your program and leadership skills.

For 30 years, Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions (BLIND, Inc.) has provided small group instruction in the alternative techniques of blindness. Our programs are based on a positive attitude toward blindness and a belief in the normality and competency of blind people. We know that with proper training and opportunity, blind people can live full, happy, and successful lives. We work hard to create an environment that promotes active learning and collegiality where adult students can empower themselves and exceed their expectations.

Successful applicants will be skilled in teaching and versed in the skills of home management, and should believe in the capabilities of blind people. Successful applicants should be passionate about teaching, excited by new challenges, and interested in working as part of a small but energetic team.

All of our instructors undergo staff training in order to ensure that they are fully competent to teach in their subject areas and have a solid understanding of the program and the experiences of students. Therefore, we are willing to work with sighted applicants who have a solid background in teaching home economics, and are willing to learn and practice nonvisual skills using a blindfold. Regularly scheduled in-service/training provide staff with the professional development necessary to optimize teaching effectiveness.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provide individualized instruction in nonvisual alternative techniques to blind adults in all areas of home management, including but not limited to:  food shopping and preparation  budgeting and menu planning  sewing, cleaning, labeling  clothing selection, organization and care  personal management and social skills

2. Provide instruction to up to four adult students in a classroom with two separate kitchens. The number of students may increase during projects such as Thanksgiving dinner. This position coordinates food preparation, serving, and setup for student activities, including student small and large meals. Instruction is done non-visually, with students who have any degree of remaining sight wearing blindfolds (sleepshades).

3. Assist with apartment instruction on a routine basis in order to assess home management skills in the residential environment.

4. Use the curriculum to develop individualized lesson plans and update the curriculum as needed to stay up with current trends and meet the needs of students.

5. Write comprehensive monthly reports on each student describing progress made and goals to be completed over the next month.

6. Participate and assist in all center activities including rock climbing, dogsledding, camping and other challenge recreation activities.

7. Promote the organization’s progressive philosophy of blindness and positive attitudes to students, co-workers and others, and provide support and guidance to students throughout their program.

8. Actively promote the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind.

9. Other duties as assigned.


1. Advanced skills in the area of home management

2. Willingness to undergo and successfully complete a period of paid staff blindfold training in order to learn or further develop alternative skills of blindness.

3. Ability to plan, organize and develop lessons.

4. Effective written and verbal communication skills and ability to work as part of a team

5. Ability to work with different students in a variety of situations, including the ability to teach/inspire people who can be unmotivated at times. 6. Ability to coordinate residential teaching services with other staff to insure that adult students receive effective apartment instruction.

Preferred Qualifications

1. College degree–preferably in a teaching or individual and family sciences/home economics related field.

2. Experience working with the blind in an instructional setting.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to: Dan Wenzel, Executive Director at We plan to interview in early January, so please submit your resume/cover letter soon to ensure you are considered for an interview.

Please feel free contact Dan Wenzel at 612-872-0100 if you have any questions

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