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In the News: Articles and Helpful Food Safety Apps

By March 24, 2017June 24th, 2021Uncategorized

Here is a sampling of what’s new in the world of food and consumer sciences!

Food Safety and Food Waste Reduction Apps


Are you or your clients confused about food safety?  Trying to reduce food waste? There are two apps available to help consumers and professionals alike!    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics along with ConAgra Foods have collaborated to create, “Is My Food Safe?” an app that allows users to determine “Is it Done Yet?” (Safe Cooking Temperatures), and “Time to Toss” (Food Storage Guide).  It also features a quiz to determine “Is My Kitchen Safe?”    The second app is called “The FoodKeeper” created through the work of the Food Marketing Institute, Cornell University’s Department of Food Science, and the USDA.  This app provides food storage advice to help consumers maintain the freshness and quality of foods and can also help consumers use food while at peak quality and reduce waste.  Both apps are available for download from the App store for Apple Products or on Google Play for Android systems.

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