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Continuing Education: Suzy Badarraco Webinar

By October 28, 2016Uncategorized

Many FCS Professionals members had the amazing opportunity to learn from Suzy Badarraco this past May at our annual meeting.  Suzy is a toxicologist, chef, and dietitian who is President of Culinary Tides, a foods forecasting company.

Produce for Better Health Foundation is sponsoring a free webinar featuring Suzy “How Health, Economic, and Flavor Trends are Changing the Future of Food” on Tuesday, November 15 from 1:00-2:00 CST. 

“Food businesses must understand factors influencing food trends in order to successfully navigate them.  Those factors–including consumer attitudes, health beliefs, the economy, and flavor profiles shape the marketplace and influence the success of new products at the store or on the menu.  Consumers are moving out of the economic crisis both emotionally and behaviorally, which has included more extreme food and beverage behaviors, leading to a more complex landscape in which to navigate.”


  1. Better recognize what issues and influencers are changing the future of food
  2. Predict the opportunities for making foods successful in the marketplace
  3. Differentiate between long and short lived trends.

Webinar is complimentary but registration is required.  To register click here

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