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Continuing Education: Free Webinars April 19 and 20

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Produce for Better Health Foundation is sponsoring an upcoming webinar “Facts, not Fears: Reassuring Consumers About the Safety of All Produce” on Wednesday, April 19 from 1:00-2:00 CDT.

From the invite:

“With stagnating consumption and new peer reviewed research showing the potential negative impact of fear-based messaging about produce safety on consumers, we need to identify better messaging to describe production methods and farming practices that reassure consumers about the health and safety of organic and conventional produce. ”

Timing Outline

45-50 minute presentation, with 10-15 minutes of questions/answers

Target Audience

This presentation is for dietitians and other health professionals who work with consumers to improve diets by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Dietitians who work in extension offices, WIC clinics, supermarkets, or conduct any form of nutrition education would find this information useful.


Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman

Associate Professor

Illinois Institute of Technology, Center for Nutrition Research


Teresa Thorne

Thorne Communications


Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RD

President & CEO, Produce for Better Health Foundation


1 CPEU available through the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

Webinar is complimentary but requires registration in advance.  Click here to register

The Midwest Dairy Council is offering an upcoming webinar “Dairy Farmers’ Commitment to Animal Care” on Thursday, April 20 11:00-12:00 CDT.

From the invite:

Animal care is a top consumer concern. And, it is a top priority for dairy farmers. Today’s consumers want to be assured of that. Research shows consumers are increasingly committed to purchasing products when they know that the animals were treated with care.

Join dairy farmer Susan Anglin, owner of the 300-cow dairy called Triple A Farm in Bentonville, Ark, who will share the steps she and her family take to make sure their cows are healthy and well cared for to ensure the delivery of high quality, wholesome dairy products. She will cover topics including the cow’s diet, housing, health and calf care. She will also talk about her farm’s involvement in the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program, that holds dairy farmers to the highest standard of animal care, and environmental and antibiotic stewardship. Ninety-eight percent of the nation’s milk supply comes from dairy farmers involved in the FARM program.

Susan will be joined by veterinarian Gerard Cramer, associate professor of dairy production medicine from University of Minnesota who will share how dairy farmers and their veterinarians regularly collaborate, particularly in the areas of overall herd heath and ongoing reproduction-related issues.

This webinar, hosted by Midwest Dairy Association, is part of an ongoing series on consumer confidence topics that are important to your staff, partners, clients and customers. As part of the session, Midwest Dairy will share examples of resources available to help answer questions from key audiences about on-farm and animal care practices. This webinar will be recorded for replay at a later date.

The webinar is free but you must register here

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