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Benefits of Membership: Mentoring Program

By September 24, 2018Uncategorized

There are many amazing benefits of membership in FCS Professionals.  Today we are highlighting our mentorship program.

FCS Professionals members have a wealth of talent waiting to be shared! Through occasional, or regular contact, a trusted mentor can guide you for both professional growth and development as you review career issues or challenges. As a person outside of your workplace, a mentor can give confidential feedback regarding a work situation.

Perhaps you want information regarding a particular job or job skill? Or to learn how to seek challenging assignments and new responsibilities? Starting a consulting business and want information regarding the process? Want to develop a 10-second elevator speech? Maybe you want to take your computer or smart phone skills to the next level?

If the answer is “yes” to these or other questions you have regarding a job or life skill, sign up for the mentor program. It doesn’t have to be formal, you’re just asking or giving advice over coffee or lunch.

You can choose to have a mentor, be a mentor, or both – it is FREE for the asking for all members! To get started, fill out the form in the members-only section on our website

Contact Mentor Committee Chair Cindy Jurgensen at or 612-207-7337 with any questions.

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