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Attention FCS Professionals: It’s Time for Award Nominations!

By March 7, 2018Uncategorized

We are just a few months away from the end of our organization’s calendar year so it’s time to call for nominations for our PROFESSIONAL AWARDS! All awards may not be given every year.

Please email your nomination to Jean Knaak at: Nominations must be received by May 1, 2018.


The FCS Professional of the Year: This award recognizes or honors a member for her/his leadership in their profession and outstanding service to this organization. This is the highest organizational award a member can receive.

Volunteer of the Year Award: This award recognizes a member who represents the community involvement-spirit of FCS Professionals through community outreach/enrichment they perform

Emerging Leader Award (formally Making a Difference Award): This award recognizes professionals who are new to their industry, have been members of FCS Professionals for 5 years or less, and have made a notable contribution to the organization.

Behind-the-Scenes-Star: This award recognizes a member who works diligently to execute programming, results, and/or innovation, within the organization but aren’t in any formal position on the board (board members are not eligible for this award).

Spirit Award: This award recognizes a member that has shown particular championing behavior for FCS Professionals.

Provide the following information FOR EACH AWARD NOMINATION: Limit responses to 1 page.

Your full name

Member You Are Nominating

Award You Are Nominating this Member for

Reason that you are nominating this individual (include detailed contributions to the FCS Professionals Organization and to the profession, as well as, anecdotal information, and personal experience is encouraged).

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